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We aren’t in every city, but we’re working on it! Check out our current list of cities and come to an event near you. And if, by chance, we aren’t near you yet, let us know that too. We’ll get there as soon as we can! Events

Grow Your Career

Our main mission is to help techies grow in their careers. We are putting together a resource center to help you do just that. Look for salary information, job opportunities, advice, resume help and lots more to come! Career Center
Connect Online

Connect Online

We know the handshakes are important, but following up and maintaining those relationships takes technology. Thank goodness for the Geeks! Join GeekMeet and save those contacts and maintain those relationships. You’ll be thankful later! Join Now

What people think of GeekMeet

GeekMeet is where technology professionals from every part of our industry connect, collaborate and cavort. It’s the best combination of all three!

Networking is to crucial in my life. At the end of the day, it is people who make the world go around and help each other. GeekMeet is a terrific event designed to bring together like-minded fans of all things being “Geek” while creating a comfortable and welcoming forum to get to meet new friends.

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