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Is Drizly The Next Big Thing To Hit Dallas?

How often do you order delivery? We’re not just talking about food delivery. Most people order a pizza or Chinese at least once a month. You probably also order items from online stores and get them delivered to your doorstep. You might even order your groceries and have them delivered. Well, now you can also […]

The Benefits of Temporary Tech Jobs

During the typical job search a person looks for full-time, permanent, employment. This makes sense. You want to have a full-time job to pay the bills and a sense of security that a permanent job can provide. However, this approach may mean that you miss out on the tremendous value of a temporary technology job. […]

7 Reasons Why You Should Build an App

Have you ever thought about building an application? You’ll be hard pressed to find a business or a consumer that isn’t presently using at least a dozen different apps. There’s tremendous opportunity for you. Here are 7 reasons you should build an app. Practice and Experience – If there’s one thing that any potential employer […]

How to Dress for Success and Make a Strong Impression

First impressions count. And while it would be wonderful if we didn’t judge people by their appearance, we do. How someone presents themselves makes a difference on how they’re perceived. We all do this. You see someone who is professionally groomed and dressed, and they put forth a confident impression, and you immediately give them […]

How to “Offer Value” To Your Networking Group

You probably already know that networking is one of the most effective ways to build your technology career. Not only does getting to know people in your industry help you learn about, and potentially gain, more opportunities, you are also able to stay up to date on the latest industry news, trends, and information. It’s […]

3 Top Apps to Stay in Touch with Industry Influencers

Industry influencers are people and organizations that accomplish a variety of goals. They’re information disseminators. They share information, create information, and get people talking about it. They’re innovators, leaders, and communicators. They can be celebrities, publishers, and company managers or owners. Finding them is the first step for you to stay up to date on […]

The Role of Technology in Politics

Has the role of technology changed in politics? Well, if you remember the 2008 CNN holograms, then you know without a doubt that it has, and not always for the better. Holograms aside, today’s politics simply cannot function without technology. It impacts everything from media coverage to tabulating the results. For the Average User, Access […]

5 Technology Stats to Watch

                          Technology is a part of life, right? You don’t go a single day without leveraging some type of technology to improve your life. From checking your email on your phone, to getting a diagnostic test at the doctor’s office, we depend on […]