4 Reasons Why you Need Technology for Romance

technology romanceHow did your parents meet? Ask most people this question and the answer will be something along the lines of they met at a party, they met on a blind date, or they were introduced through friends.

Ask anyone today and more often than not the answer is something like “we met online,” or “we met on a dating site.” With sites ranging from FarmersOnly.com to Tinder, there really is something for everyone. And while some people still meet the “old fashioned” way, the truth is that a third of married couples met through online dating sites

Meeting a partner online is the second most popular way to meet your significant other. What’s the most popular way? According to eHarmony, the most popular way to meet someone is still through friends. But how people meet is just the beginning of how technology has changed, and continues to change, romance. The truth is that technology is now an integral part of romance, and we just can’t escape it.


Let’s face it, meeting people and dating takes time. In fact, meeting the “right” person can take years, even decades. At least if you’re relying on the traditional methods of dating, that is. However, when you leverage technology you can meet a new person every day of the week.

With the ability to connect, communicate, and get matched through online sites and dating technology, it’s much more convenient to rely on these tools to meet potential partners.

Researchtechnology romance

You can learn a lot about a person by researching them online. Today, many people go into a date knowing a bit more about their date than before technology was available.

In addition to searching for them on social media and reviewing photos, friends, jobs, and hobbies, you can also Google the person and see what the internet has to say about them. In many cases this is great. It can keep you safe and prevent a date with someone that you’re just not a good match for.

However, researching someone online before you really get to know them may cloud your perception of them. It’s easy to make assumptions about a person when you research them online, and your assumptions may or may not be correct.


Technology changes our perception of choice. When a person can get on a dating site and review hundreds of potential partners, it can skew their perception of the person that they’re with.

Sometimes too much choice can make a person unhappy.


Finally, technology has also made breaking up much easier. Ghosting, the practice of completely ignoring communications from someone, is one way to let someone know you’re no longer interested. You can also break up with them via text message.

Suffice it to say that there are pros and cons to the blend of technology and romance. If you’re looking for a romantic partner, technology can definitely be your friend.


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