Leverage Growing Technology to Be Competitive

Leverage Technology

Want to ensure you stay competitive in your career? If you’re interested in protecting your future (aka “future proofing” your career) then it’s important to take advantage of your resources. As it so happens, one of the biggest resources a technology professional, or any professional, has access to is technology. So what resources can you use to stay competitive? Let’s find out.

Ongoing Education and Engagement

The only real way to stay on top of new technology and to stay competitive is to commit to lifelong learning. That means taking classes, and attending workshops and seminars to not only brush up on your skills, but also to learn new ones. If you’re ahead of the curve and demonstrate that you have the most recent knowledge and skills, then you’re competitive. Additionally, it’s important to engage in your industry. Attend conferences. Network locally as well. These types of events will help you learn where to prioritize your time and your educational opportunities.

Social MediaLeverage Technology

Sorry, you’re probably tired of hearing about social media. You’re tired of seeing who exercised when, hearing about the potentially frightening political options of your friends and co-workers, and even though you love to see a good dog video, there are better ways to spend your time.

The truth is that this isn’t the productive and powerful way to leverage social media. And to be certain, social media is here to stay and will play an even more important role in our futures. Learning right now, how to both understand the impact of social media but also how to leverage it is key.

Identify and master social media aggregate sites like Hootsuite, so you can be more productive on these channels. Also, start being choosier about who you follow and how you interact.

Data Collection and Organization Tools

Collecting, and analyzing, data is part of most industries. It’s a good idea to not only stay on top of tools and resources to gather data, but also apply them to your own professional path. For example, you might leverage your own tools to gather data on your chosen tech field.

You can look at job growth, salaries, number of startups and their success over time. On a very simple scale, you might create a system of alerts to notify you when news is made in your industry. You can then use something like Evernote to highlight, organize, and track the information.Leverage Technology

Staying competitive in a competitive industry can be a challenge. Use your resources. You already probably engage on social media. You may dabble in networking and continuing education, and you have access to vast amounts of information. Start creating a plan and systems to make the most of these tools. Stay on top of growing technologies and stay competitive.


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