How To Network Your Way Into Your Next Tech Dream Job

The simple truth of job searching is that it’s much easier to find a new job when someone else recommends you for that position.

Why is that? Well, simply because you are being recommended by someone the company already trusts. That trusted person might be another employee in the company, an advisor, industry expert or even the gardener.

As long as the recommendation is from someone the company trusts, then you have a much better and probably easier pathway to that new job.

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1. Identify who you Already Know

  • Go through your contacts in Outlook or Gmail or your Rolodex. Check out your LinkedIn connections (the ones you actually know). List your friends and family. These are your best  Reach out and reconnect with any of these contacts that work in or who are connected to the industry you work in.  A great way to reconnect with people is to meet for coffee, lunch or drinks. This will maintain the relationship and keep you connected.
  • Let your contacts know you are looking for your next opportunity and if they know or hear of anything, you’d appreciate a recommendation. Nothing is ever free and you don’t want to seem self-centered. If you want people to genuinely want to help you, then you need to genuinely want to help them first. Ask what you can do for them! Follow through and they will be glad to help you.

2. Keep your Network Alive.  Meet New People in the Industry.

  • It’s impossible to know too many people. Make networking and meeting new people a consistent part of your schedule. Identify networking events that match your goals, and attend them. In the instance of job searching – where are your peers and managers networking? If you’re a developer then maybe a user group intended for your skill set will help you meet others and form relationships through that group. Once you have formed that relationship, those contacts then will let you know about openings on their team.
  • If you’re looking for more management (director or higher positions) then a more professional networking environment or business club would be appropriate.
  • No matter if you are looking to network with peers, managers, directors or higher, GeekMeet is the place to find them!


The most important thing to remember is that meeting new people and growing your network is now a necessity for career advancement.

Put networking events on your calendar every month. Not just when you are looking for a job, but while you are gainfully employed.



Networking while Employed serves 3 Major Purposes

1. Give Back By Helping Others Within the Industry.

How?  You might know of an opportunity that someone else can benefit from. You might know a technique, tool or idea that could help someone on a project they are struggling with. Who knows, but being there means you will have the chance to help others when they need you.  Remember we talked about genuinely helping others, and then they will want to help you?

2. You Are Never Too Old to Learn Something New, Especially In This Industry.

The tech industry continues to grow and change at exponential rates. Staying on top of the latest trends is difficult enough but absolutely impossible if you are waiting for it show up on your social media feed. Networking at events like GeekMeet is effectively crowd-sourcing industry knowledge. So, get out there and stay on top of what’s going on, by actively attending events.

3. What’s The Payoff?

For all your efforts, all your knowledge sharing, all your giving back, the big payoff comes the next time you need something. Looking for that next step in your career, looking to change things up, learn a new skill, work at that shiny new startup or even start your own company? By putting in the time networking, giving back, being part of the community and increasing your professional contacts, you can now ask for what you want.  Let your network help you reach your goals, towards that new job, success in a project or more.


If you’ve truly put in the work, then your network will respond accordingly. If you haven’t, your network will also respond accordingly. That’s how it works!

It’s truly a beautiful thing to ask for what you want and then receive it. But it takes time.  Most of all, it takes a lot of giving from your end, before you start asking.

If you wait until you need something to start networking then you are well behind the curve. Realize it will take time to meet the right people and to find that right opportunity. While you’re looking, remember this is also a time to give back what you can. Be patient, stay positive and look for ways to be part of the industry.


geekmeetLet me know how we can help. Can GeekMeet help you reach your next career goal?

GeekMeet events are not like any other you have been to.  They are a great way to network, socialize, and are offered in a setting you will enjoy.  You won’t want to miss any!


We have meetings in many cities in the United States and Canada. We are growing each year as a result of our talented network of geeks.  We know that you will enjoy making relationships that will help build your future.  Be sure to also check the calendar on our website and register for an upcoming event in your area.

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