New Apps Making Waves: 6 Mobile Apps to Check Out

There are hundreds of new mobile apps that are making waves being released every month. Few, if any of them, have the potential to stick around for a long time and become significant to their users. However, there are wonderful apps that catch on and begin to make waves among their audience and beyond.

6 Mobile Apps to Check Out





A mobile app that is available for Android, Dashlane saves all of your passwords and makes it easy to copy and paste them into online forms. It uses encrypted codes, which are routinely monitored, to keep your information safe while also securing the other data in online forms. And if that’s not enough, Dashlane automatically saves your online receipts so you can track your spending. It’s great for online shopping and more.



Pocket allows you to save web pages, videos and other online content. You can bookmark them, for easy storage, and then access them later. What makes this a unique and useful app is that you don’t need to have internet connection to access the files. You can view them offline.



Hinge is a dating app that introduces you to people that you share mutual Facebook friends with. This is significant because while many more people are meeting their significant others online, it’s still second to meeting people through friends. Hinge combines both. Log in with your Facebook account, create your settings, and then get a daily notification of potential matches. Available on Android and iOS.




This app is an amazing app that makes you wonder why no one thought of this sooner. It connects your phone and your computer so you don’t have to pay attention to both devices at the same time. You can leave your phone in your bag and still learn who is texting you and retrieve information from your phone without getting up – and vice versa. Available for Android and iOS.


This is essentially a texting application that’s been growing in popularity around the globe. It’s free, it uses your Wi-Fi or mobile data connection so your messages don’t count against your allowance. You can send videos, voice messages, and make calls with it. You can also see when people have received your messages so you know you’re getting through. It works on any mobile phone operating system and is free.


Plex is a media server. It supports you to pull together all of your media channels so you can access them from one account via the cloud. It means that your Chromecast, Amazon, Roku, Apple, Xbox and other media can all be accessed via one app. It can take a bit to set it up but once you’re there, the access and control is easy to use.

Check out these applications and see for yourself. To be sure, great apps will continue to be developed. 2016 has definitely started out well and there’s more to come.  Enjoy!





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