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A Changing Workforce – Where is Technology Leading Us?

Economic systems are always changing, but the last few decades have seen change come at a speed and with societal disruptions that arguably have never been seen before. Since the invention of the Internet, widespread adaptation of computer technology, and robotic automation, many jobs have disappeared from the economy, and are likely to never return. […]

The Benefits of Temporary Tech Jobs

During the typical job search a person looks for full-time, permanent, employment. This makes sense. You want to have a full-time job to pay the bills and a sense of security that a permanent job can provide. However, this approach may mean that you miss out on the tremendous value of a temporary technology job. […]

How to Dress for Success and Make a Strong Impression

First impressions count. And while it would be wonderful if we didn’t judge people by their appearance, we do. How someone presents themselves makes a difference on how they’re perceived. We all do this. You see someone who is professionally groomed and dressed, and they put forth a confident impression, and you immediately give them […]

5 Reasons to Supercharge your Career with Competitive Boot Camps

What is a Competitive Boot Camp? Competitive boot camps are often intensive and extensive events where you can learn to code. They’re competitions because the demand is so high that many say it’s easier to get into Harvard than it is to get into a boot camp. Why You Should Get into a Competitive Boot […]

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4 Top Tips to Find Your Technology Niche Passion

There are many different ways to choose how you make a living. You can focus on finding a career in what you’re good at. That’s certainly an approach that many people take. You can also pursue the money. Look at the industries that have the biggest demand and biggest paycheck. Again, this is a path […]

How To Network Your Way Into Your Next Tech Dream Job

The simple truth of job searching is that it’s much easier to find a new job when someone else recommends you for that position. Why is that? Well, simply because you are being recommended by someone the company already trusts. That trusted person might be another employee in the company, an advisor, industry expert or […]

Is Contract Work Right for You?

Unemployed? Unhappy in your current position? Interested in becoming self-employed or want to make more money? If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, then contract work may be your ideal employment situation. What is Contract Employment? First, it’s important to point out that you cannot be a “contract employee.” Those two terms are […]

Wal-Mart To Use Tucson Firm’s Drug-Monitoring System

Pharmaceuticals are big business. In fact, in 2014 experts estimated that the pharmaceutical industry would achieve $1 trillion in sales. While the drug industry has positive effects and people are able to manage and sometimes improve their health conditions, there is also a tremendous amount of misuse. Misuse can be defined as intentional or unintentional. […]

Top Three Reasons College Grads Struggle To Find Technology Jobs

While the economy is doing well and new jobs are increasing in many states around the country, finding a new job can still be a challenge for recent college graduates. This is particularly true for technology grads, who often face a highly competitive marketplace. The good news is that while it can be a challenge […]

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