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7 Fun Things to do with Amazon Echo

Every once in a while, a gadget like the the Amazon Echo is developed that changes how we do things. Think back to the Fitbit. When it was created, most of the world didn’t walk around counting their steps. Today, you’ll be hard pressed to find a person who isn’t wearing some sort of fitness […]

4 Reasons Why you Need Technology for Romance

How did your parents meet? Ask most people this question and the answer will be something along the lines of they met at a party, they met on a blind date, or they were introduced through friends. Ask anyone today and more often than not the answer is something like “we met online,” or “we […]

5 Reasons to Supercharge your Career with Competitive Boot Camps

What is a Competitive Boot Camp? Competitive boot camps are often intensive and extensive events where you can learn to code. They’re competitions because the demand is so high that many say it’s easier to get into Harvard than it is to get into a boot camp. Why You Should Get into a Competitive Boot […]

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4 Top Tips to Find Your Technology Niche Passion

There are many different ways to choose how you make a living. You can focus on finding a career in what you’re good at. That’s certainly an approach that many people take. You can also pursue the money. Look at the industries that have the biggest demand and biggest paycheck. Again, this is a path […]

How To Network Your Way Into Your Next Tech Dream Job

The simple truth of job searching is that it’s much easier to find a new job when someone else recommends you for that position. Why is that? Well, simply because you are being recommended by someone the company already trusts. That trusted person might be another employee in the company, an advisor, industry expert or […]

New Apps Making Waves: 6 Mobile Apps to Check Out

There are hundreds of new mobile apps that are making waves being released every month. Few, if any of them, have the potential to stick around for a long time and become significant to their users. However, there are wonderful apps that catch on and begin to make waves among their audience and beyond. 6 […]

Leverage Growing Technology to Be Competitive

Leverage Technology Want to ensure you stay competitive in your career? If you’re interested in protecting your future (aka “future proofing” your career) then it’s important to take advantage of your resources. As it so happens, one of the biggest resources a technology professional, or any professional, has access to is technology. So what resources […]

How Drones are Making an Impact on Society and Infrastructure

Over the past few years, the popularity of consumer and hobby drones has exploded in the United States. While the exact numbers are not available, we do know that as part of the recent registration requirements with the FAA (which we’ll discuss a bit more below), more than 325,000 individuals have already registered their drones […]

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